Cool Things to Do in Las Vegas

This is a glamorous city in the world. Do you know the drill? Whenever someone comes to Las Vegas, they rely on you to show them around. Alright, it’s time to step things up. Let’s have a look at the fantastic touristy stuff that lives up to the hype. A few under-the-radar stuff that only locals know about, and a few seasonal operations perfect for the warm weather.

Take The Helicopter Strip Tour

This exciting 10-minute ride will companion you past the top sights of the Strip and downtown Las Vegas, showcasing the city at her brightest. Be sure to keep your phone or camera charged for this one! If there’s one unbeatable Las Vegas experience, you have to go for a helicopter tour of the Las Vegas Strip. Opt for an evening tour that highlights the glitz and glam of the Strip, and allows you to see its full potential.

Go to Madame Tussauds

Go to see some of your favorite celebrities come to life in the form of incredibly detailed wax figures that can only be found at Madame Tussauds. Don’t forget the eight unique rooms featuring the most refreshing 4-D superhero experience that Marvel has to offer.

Enjoy Richard Petty Ride

If you are a fan of car racing in general, then the Richard Petty Driving Experience is next up on your thing list. You’ll reach speeds of up to 165 miles per hour in your 600 horsepower NASCAR vehicle. Don’t need to be worried about driving as your driver is an expert who knows how to handle the curves and turn of this racetrack. It’s the ultimate in thrill rides!

Enjoy a Fantastic Vegas Show

A big part of the reason most of the people choose Las Vegas for their vacation place is because of the theatre scene. Whether you love comedy shows, Cirque de Soleil, or even burlesque shows, there’s something to appeal to all tastes.

Make a Tour to Grand Canyon

You will not be able to come to this part of the country without making a little time to get out of the city. You are advised to take a trip to the legendary Grand Canyon for some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see in your life.

High Roller Observation Wheel at the LINQ

If you don’t get enough of Las Vegas from above, then take a ride up to the top of the High Roller Observation Wheel at the LINQ. Your daytime pass will provide you access to the world’s tallest observation wheel for an amazing 30-minute ride. At this place, you’ll get stunning panoramic views of the city around you. With the LIN Q’s central location, this can be pretty effective at showcasing the best parts of the Strip. 

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is another top attraction for getting away from the energy of the Strip. One of the marvels of twentieth-century engineering, the Hoover Dam still stands today as a testament to contemporary technology and how humans interact with the natural world.

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Staying safe on any travel destination

This is the one problem that we all have when we are traveling. It doesn’t matter where we are going and what we are doing. We need to make sure that we are staying safe. There is always a risk that something bad can happen in a foreign country to us, and this is the one reason why so many people are afraid to travel. However, with these tips, you will be able to stay safe on any travel destination and you will be able to have a wonderful time. 

Don’t show how much money you have

This is the most important tip to stay safe. Don’t show how much money you have. Don’t purchase the most expensive equipment and suitcases. Don’t give anyone an idea about how much money you actually do have.

Stay under the radar. Meaning purchasing the normal, affordable stuff that everyone is buying. Making sure that you don’t wear branded clothing and don’t make use of the best technology. This will let you stay safe and keep your belongings safe. 

Know your surroundings at all time

Know what is going on around you. Make sure that you know who is walking behind you and if anyone is following you. This can make you aware if someone dodgy is following you and if you might be at risk to be attacked.

If you know your surroundings, you will also see if there is violence in the area, or if everything is peaceful. And, if there are other tourists around you, or if you are the odd one out.

Don’t walk alone after dark

A general rule, in every country. Don’t walk alone after dark. No matter how busy the streets are. And, don’t let anyone see that you are walking alone. This is a rule for those that are solo traveling.

Yes, there are some countries that come alive at night, but you still need to make sure that your safety comes first. Check your area, make sure that you aren’t the only one on the street and have an escape route if something bad is happening. 

Know the potential risks of the country you are visiting

This is something that you need to make sure about before you are visiting the country. Making sure that you know the potential risk of the country that you are visiting. Are there any risks to tourists, or are there any violence going on at the moment? And, if there is any violence, will you be affected?

With these things, you will know that no matter where you are going, or what you are doing, you will be safe and you will arrive safely back home. You should do your homework before you make any bookings to a country that you never have visited before. 

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