Visit our Nation’s Capital

Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States of America.  Located on the Potomac River, bordering Maryland and Virginia, Washington is the seat of the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court.

No one can deny how beautiful this city is. So if you are planning a visit to Washington, here are some things that you need to consider.

Plan in Advance

Many tourists find it enough to just take a photo of the White House from the streets. However, you can actually get inside and admire its interior beauty. If you want to get inside, you need to submit a formal letter request to a member of the congress explaining why they should grant your permission. Your request should be submitted not less than 21 days in advance of your tour date.

Join a Guided Tour

While it feels rewarding to tour on your own terms, joining some guided tours is the safest route if it is your first time to visit Washington. Having a tour guide makes it easy to get started with your tour. As a bonus, you’ll get to learn more than just doing it yourself.

Visit Free Museums

 Since Washington is the capital city, you can expect the prices for package tours and passes for tourist spots to be expensive. However, there are many other types of scenery in the area that are free. For example, you can visit the Smithsonian museums which are free. The Smithsonian National Zoological Park where you can see giant pandas is also free.

Enjoy the Museum at Night

If you want to get the best photographs of Washington D.C. while avoiding the crowd, you can check out the monuments at night. An evening monument tour is less crowded than the morning one. Most monuments are also lit up during the night so you can get an amazing view of the Washington Monument and the Martin Luther King Jr.

 Bring Your Own Water Canister

A bottle of water in Washington usually cost around $4 to $5. However, you can save money by bringing your own water. As a bonus you help control the amount of plastic trash that goes into the dumpsites.

 Buy a Smartrip Card

A SmarTrip Card is a paperless pass that you can use on just every transit provider in Washington such as the bus, light rail, and transit lines. You can use it to travel around Maryland and Virginia without spending too many papers. You can get it before your tour for only $14.75, which you can use for one day.

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