What to Expect on your Vacation in Holy See

The Holy See is the universal government of the Vatican City States’ Catholic Church. It is ruled by a pope and as you may expect, this part of Vatican City is sacred.  Every year a lot of people from all over the world would visit the Holy See for pilgrimage.

Even so, equipping yourself with knowledge about this wonderful city in the Vatican will help you get around a lot easier than not knowing anything. So sit back and relax as we take you to a virtual tour around this wonderful city.

Take a picture at the world-famous Saint Peter’s Square

The most famous picture of Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Square is the core of this little state. This huge piazza was structured by well known Italian designer Gian Lorenzo Bernini from 1656 to 1667. It was ostensibly built around the Egyptian monolith in 1586 and surprisingly can hold 400,000 people. You’d definitely be amazed just by standing at the center of this beautiful site.

Explore the Saint Peter’s Basilica

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Saint Peter’s Square is nevertheless a sample of another amazing site. It is the passageway to the great Saint Peter’s Basilica, the biggest church on the planet. Make time and visit this place.

Check out the grottos beneath the Basilica

Look at the caves underneath the basilica too, which house the burial chambers of many popes dating from the tenth century. The passageway can be found close to the high special raised area. Admission to both the basilica and the caverns is free, yet there is a clothing regulation. Do abstain from wearing shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops when visiting.

See for yourself the iconic Vatican Necropolis

 Much further underneath the basilica is the Vatican Necropolis, where Saint Peter’s Tomb is found. Not to be mistaken for the caverns, this site is a previous burial ground lodging Christians slaughtered by Emperor Nero, including Saint Peter. If you’re afraid, bring a person along with you and you should be fine.

Meet the Pope

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, leader of the Catholic Church and head of territory of Vatican City. He is one of the most persuasive individuals on the planet. If you want to see the Pope, swing by each Wednesday at 10:30am as the Pope will hold teachings and readings before a crowd of people – but that is only if he is around town.

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